Multimedial training videos of patients, caregivers, direct care workers and experts

The Intellectual Output 3 will aim to design and develop a series of multimedial training videos. They will show stroke patients and their families expressing their needs and expectations for improving their care and daily life conditions. The videos will be a unique opportunity to involve patients and family caregivers in the development of the training package, providing their view over the assistance they would like to receive and their preferences. A major issue, in fact, is that direct care workers are usually not fully aware of needs of people with stroke and their family members. Therefore, such videos will inform direct care workers on these issues and stimulate a clearer understanding of patients’ and families’ situations and needs. Furthermore, direct care workers themselves and other clinical experts working in stroke units will be video interviewed for providing advice, suggestions and information in a correct but accessible way. All these videos will form part of the overall training package to be included in the on-line MOOC.